Kay McMillan

Yesterday afternoon I got word that our dear friend Kay McMillan had passed away however I did not want to say anything until the obituary came out to give the family some time and privacy. Kay was a long time member of the Clinton County Republican Party and an elected member of our Central Committee. She was the widow of Tom McMillan who served many years on the GOP Central Committee and in a number of offices including Executive Chairman of the Central Committee. They were both friends and mentors to me. After becoming Chairman of the Clinton County Republican Party in 2014, I spent part of the next day visiting with her and listening to some sage advice. She was a font of wisdom. She was active with many groups and was truly a blessing to our community. She, was much loved will be sadly missed by many. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and our prayers are with them at this sad time.

Tim Inwood
Chairman Clinton County Republican Party.